High Vibe Teacher Tribe

Learn revolutionary techniques to raise your vibration and step into your power, purpose, and true potential. Step into living fully alive - thriving inside and out of your classroom. Learn how to transfer these simple and powerful techniques to your classroom and home - unlocking the gifts for our precious children as you EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and ELEVATE!

Dearest teachers and caregivers,

I see you.

You have a HUGE heart and  you are giving 100% of yourself every day. However, you forgot to put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

I've been there.

I was right where you are and I have found a way to fill up my cup so I can give EVEN MORE than I ever knew was possible. I will walk with you side by side to show you how to take care of yourself so you can make even more of an impact in your classroom and the world.

I believe in you! 

Trust me, you will be SO grateful you said YES to yourself. We are going to activate the light inside of your beautiful heart so you can shine EVEN BRIGHTER with ease, grace, and love!

Are you ready?

LET'S DO THIS! I've got you!

Join the High Vibe Teacher Tribe

Ready to transform yourself and your classroom?

Stephanie has used these strategies to personally turn her overwhelm into power, purpose, and possibilities for herself and the children and adults she has worked with. She has used these Social and Emotional Skills in her classroom which have helped her students THRIVE.

Are you ready to learn...

  • Easy and powerful self care practices that tap you into your power no matter what is happening within or around you. 
  • Explicit ways to integrate social and emotional skills into your classroom and home.
  • How to tap into the tools to help yourself, family, and students gain access to their true potential!
  • The power of gratitude and how it can it bring more of what you want into your life and classroom.


"From class work to heart work, 7Everyday Hero teaches kids how to process emotions"

Watch The Denver Channel's feature on Stephanie and the Heart Work she is doing in the local school system. 

Watch the Story

This program includes...

Experience Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul - Stephanie’s single-day retreat on her peaceful horse ranch with a group of like-minded, conscious souls also taking part in the magic of this work. You’ll learn strategies to reduce stress and activate the power inside of you. This day is for YOU the caregiver/teacher to learn how to put the oxygen mask down on yourself so you can learn how to navigate your emotions and increase your energy.


An online classroom where you’ll learn how to integrate the techniques you learn at Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul into your classroom. You will have lifetime access to the course material.

Three group-trainings with Stephanie where she'll expand on the course material. You will choose the best two online trainings that work best for your schedule. These will be recorded as well. This is where Stephanie will show you how to apply the knowledge in your classroom/home when working with your children. 


A 1:1 coaching session with Stephanie so she can help you fine tune your skills and answer any questions you may have.

An in-person celebration circle and pot-luck to come together in person and celebrate all of our hard work and transformation! 

"I am starting to focus more on myself, especially with my health. I loved the sisterhood circles and learning breathing techniques. The whole guided process was good for me. I need to allow myself to move into the flow more, Stephanie has given me the tools I need to accomplish this. The process is helping me deal with stress better, and overall my energy levels have gone up.”"

Marni Berg

"The insights I received from this program have helped me to shine my light, connect more with my inner guidance, and it's ok to be where I am. I am PERFECT! The love and heart Stephanie brings to us and vulnerability so we can show up as authentic selves to shine in the world. I loved the meditations, songs, and SRI practices."

Dr. Jodi Brook
Conscious Chiropractic

"I learned to follow my heart, the power of stillness, sisterhood circles, and the POWER within MYSELF to show up for myself and follow the guidance. Steph's passion and incredible energy that's contagious and oh so loving! She creates a container that calls us to step into our strength from a place of grace."

Carlyn Shaw
Strangers to Friends

"I am more of my true self. I am able to open my connect with Spirit more as I surrender. I loved my continued learning of breathing (SRI) techniques. I love the support from Stephanie and the group. ALL exercises help me connect with my soul to find my happiness within. I loved Stephanie's guidance and openness to show up through vulnerability and her continued support."

Jennifer Haptonstall
Love Yourself Essentially

"I learned to stay in my truth, knowing my path and purpose is to serve others and help them through their challenges. I can tap into my own empowerment. I loved getting together and sharing. I loved ALL the teaching and techniques I learned. "

Zina Armand
Intuitive Reader

"I am celebrating clearing, clearing, acceptance, and surrendering in this program. I have truly accepted where I am and learned how to support myself through the transformation. I am a Christmas tree light ready to light up and shine!!!!"

Hailey Nicole
SHINE Property Group

"Stephanie has FAR exceeded our expectations about what this .25 Social and Emotional role could be. She has developed such a STRONG foundation for students and teachers and in short order and with limited presence due to the allotted FTE. Her relationships with staff and students is immeasurable and something special that doesn't typically happen. Her reflection and communication about this UIP strategy and our goals with SEL for student impact is top notch and has really supported us as an Admin. team. She is an AMAZING professional! "

Alizabeth Gooding
Vice Principal

"Stephanie has an exemplary class for relationships and environment. She has a true gift of finding strengths in every student and builds off of those strengths in order to get their true abilities during academic time. Steph has the patience of a saint! She is an active member of our PBS team and goes out of her way to make students feel safe and welcome even if they are not her own! She checks in on her previous students and spends time getting to know the incoming 3rd graders. Students feel safe to take risks and make mistakes in Steph's class. She is one of the most thoughtful teachers I have ever worked with. Overall Map Growth: Reading: 83% of students met their projected growth Math: 87% of students met their projected growth Stephanie made significant gains with her students. She also spent a lot of time to thoughtfully integrate content into literacy this year. I am so excited to have Stephanie on our writing leadership team next year. Stephanie is reflective and always open for feedback. Stephanie works in a growth mindset and is truly a life long learner. Stephanie is a huge asset to our PBS team. She is always willing to step in and help out. She is a team player that is highly respected by her peers. Stephanie will be taking on the leadership role of working with the district writing work next year. Her instructional expertise will be a huge asset in this planning and implementation and know it will push her to work outside her comfort zone and present in front of her peers! "

Kate Vogel

"Stephanie exhibits many strengths in collaboration. She is conscientious of putting ideas on the table and also listening to others ideas. She has a great balance in her personal style of collaboration. Stephanie has been a risk taker this year. She has stepped out of her comfort zone to lead the writing work in our school. She is open and honest. She has implemented writing and is getting some of the best results in writing in our school. She has opened her classroom for several observations this year. Kate Vogel, Principal ARE"

Kate Vogel

Together we can change the WORLD!

Let's EMPOWER our children to be thought leaders and world changers. THEY ARE READY! They just need the tools to tap into their genius zone and unlock their unique gifts so they can contribute to the world and make a significant difference.

Do you feel it? The time is NOW!

It's your time to take back control of your life and your classroom/home. It's your time to say YES to yourself and the children that need you to step into the upgraded version of you! The world is waiting on us! Let's do this!

Need more information?

Our children need us more than ever and I am here to help you. I have 29 years experience teaching and empowering children in their social and emotional skills. I want to show you how I have helped thousands of children to excel in ALL areas of their life.

If you would like some more information about the course or have questions before joining us then let's chat! You can schedule a time for us to connect over the phone by accessing my calendar via the link below.

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