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INFORMED CONSENT FOR EXERCISE PARTICIPATION I desire to engage voluntarily in an exercise program video provided by Vibrant Body and Soul, LLC. and Brianne Barousse-Lozier.

I understand that the activities may be strenuous and may require me to do body movement that I am not familiar with in order to improve overall fitness. I understand that it is recommended that I consult with my doctor prior to participating in any exercise program. I also understand that I am responsible for monitoring my own condition throughout my workouts. Should any unusual symptoms occur, I will cease my participation immediately.

By watching and choosing to participate in the activities in this video I affirm that I have read, accept and understand my consent in its entirety and that I understand the nature of exercise. I know that there may be risks associated with fitness classes and willingly accept those possibilities as my own responsibility. I know that it is my responsibility to ensure my own safety. I take full responsibility for my own health and safety in participating in the fitness class and to the extent I deem advisable, will consult a physician before participating in any of the activities.



In consideration for being allowed to participate in this activity, which I do freely and voluntarily for my own personal benefit, I hereby act for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns to:

1. Waive, release and discharge from any and all liability to Vibrant Body and Soul, LLC and Brianne Barousse-Lozier for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me in activities.

2. Indemnify and hold harmless Vibrant Body and Soul, LLC and Brianne Barousse-Lozier, from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of or relating to my participation in this activity. Therefore, intending to be bound and as a condition of being allowed to participate in the fitness class; I acknowledge I have read and agree to all of the above by proceeding to watch and participate in this video.

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High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe Soul Magic Annual Membership

Join a community of powerful, passionate women uplifting and supporting one another in living a more vibrant life. 

What's included:

  • 4 private 1:1 soul coaching sessions
  • 2x per month sisterhood circles
  • Online Design your Destiny Course
  • A private High Vibe Sisterhood Facebook community where you will feel seen, heard loved. This is where our sisterhood connections, conversations, and celebrations are held. 
  • Our sisterhood circles will be led via Zoom Video & live-streamed or via FB live. If for some reason you cannot join us live, you will be able to watch the recordings at your own convenience. 
  • Weekly Facebook Live videos to raise your vibration, deepen content and connection with yourself and the community
  • Access to all monthly movement classes (dance & yoga) 
  • Access to High Vibe Sisterhood Portal of classes
  • Attendance to Quarterly High Vibe Sisterhood Goddess Gatherings 
  • Access to all pop-up events within the High Vibe Sisterhood Community
  • Access to all High Vibe Sisterhood meetup events

BONUS: Two FREE months and two EXTRA 1:1 Soul Sessions with annual subscription

It is your time to shine and be fully alive sister! Learn high vibe transformational techniques to help you tap into your POWER and MAGIC. All with amazing sisters by your side uplifting and supporting you every step of the way.


High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe Cancelation Policy

Monthly Plans: Monthly billing goes into effect the moment you subscribe and you will be held accountable and liable for the recurring monthly payment associated with the membership. 

If for any reason you do decide to cancel, simply send an email to [email protected]com to request the cancellation of your membership. This will need to be done 30 days prior to your next billing cycle. Cancellation goes into effect at the beginning of your next scheduled billing date & no refunds will be granted for unused or incomplete months.

Yearly Plan: There are no refunds for the yearly plan. You may choose not to renew the following year.