Rise and Awaken

Join us for a two-day, in-depth retreat at Stephanie's farm to discover what’s holding you back so you can transform your limiting beliefs into personal power and awaken to your soul’s calling - all within a safe, sacred space of loving, like-minded women.

Are you feeling the call to rise and awaken?

Do you want to learn how to...

  • Navigate your emotions and step into a heightened state of energy and awareness
  • Discover, transform, and awaken to your soul’s calling within a safe, conscious community 
  • Access the power inside of you so you can make a greater impact in your personal and professional life
  • Bust through your limiting beliefs and call in what you’re wanting to attract into your life
  • Discover your divine inner wisdom
  • Master your mindset and emotions
  • Increase your energy and passion

It's time to rise into your most vibrant self!

You will walk away from this experience feeling connected to
your soul’s calling - the reason you are here on the Earth. 

You will listen to the parts of yourself that are whispering you home.

You will rise into the goddess and warrior you were created to be.

You will know yourself deeply and feel ready to radically share your gifts and make an impact with the world.

You will know what lights you up and continue to add flame to your fire. 

You will fly into unlimited possibilities - trust, allow, and know you are divinely guided!

This two-day retreat experience includes...

Receive all 12 Stages of Healing and a guide book so you can take these practices with you.

Facilitation through all 12 stages of healing so you can learn how to remain at ease during stressful situations.

Transformational tools to help you integrate what you learn into your daily life.

A yummy organic lunch, superfoods, and snacks to keep you fueled throughout both days.

It’s time to awaken to the power within. 

Through this experience you will awaken as the creator of your life - feeling deeply connected to yourself, others, nature, and the spiritual forces around you.

You will know how to listen to yourself and the signs around.

Step into the effortless flow of life and allow grace and ease to take hold.

See the miracles around you and awaken to the awe of life with deep gratitude. 

It’s time to feel the unshakable power and love within and around you!

Your investment for this transformative retreat is just $447

We keep this retreat small so I can meet the needs of each person. IT IS TRULY A MAGICAL WEEKEND! I can't wait to see you RISE and AWAKEN!

Need more information?

If you would like some more information about this experience or have questions before joining us then let's chat! You can schedule a time for us to connect over the phone by accessing my calendar via the link below.

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