Meet Stephanie

Teacher, Transformation Facilitator, Soul Activator & Loving Friend

Dear sister,

I believe in you and the deep power you have within you.

It’s time to come home to your authentic self. I’m here to help you tap into that power, your purpose, and experience unlimited possibilities. I want you to know that I truly see you and am ready to meet you exactly where you are.

I’ll teach you to trust yourself and know yourself fully.

You will be able to live in alignment with your true soul’s calling. You will be able to speak your truth and feel the passion and purpose you are igniting in yourself and the world.  You will radiate magnetic energy to attract the perfect people and clients into your life. You will feel deeply seen, heard, and loved through this process.

I’m ready to lead you back home.

The road is already there sister, it’s waiting for you step forward and claim your essence. 

I hear your soul calling, do you?

I see you sister.

I see the goddess in you. 

I see the power in you.

I see the greatness in you.

I see the JOY in you.

I see the passion in you.

I see your soul Sister.

It’s time to write a new chapter.

One where you come home to yourself and fully connect with the whispers of your soul. I’m here to guide you through your own personal transformation - from the inside out. We’ll ignite the fire within your heart and amplify your energy so you can fully step into your soul’s purpose and discover unlimited possibilities.

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a passionate educator of 29 years on a mission to help women and children turn overwhelm into power, experience calm in their most stressful moments, and be confident in their bodies so they can live a full, vibrant life. 

She teaches others the tools and techniques that have helped her transform her own life. She is a certified teacher, Social and Emotional Specialist, Somato Respiratory Integration Facilitator, BARS Access Facilitator and Trainer, and Reiki Practitioner. Stephanie supports women in finding a path of whole-body wellness and awakening to their soul’s calling. She does this through offering organic superfood nutrition to help women be their most radiant selves and teaching life-changing transformational tools within healing circles.

Stephanie’s journey of leading transformational experiences began with her High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe that still meets regularly. It’s a space for women to come together so they can feel truly seen, heard, and uplifted.

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Stephanie's Story

Years ago I felt lost, overwhelmed and lacked confidence.

I didn’t know how to take care of my body, mind and soul. I went through situations that cracked me wide open. I lost my father at a young age and then lost my husband only 6 months into our marriage. I had zero coping skills and simply tried to pretend to be okay even though I was far from it. 

My outside appearance seemed strong.

I was a strong athlete and ski instructor that could out ski most of the men on the mountain. After life-altering heartbreak, that strong body quickly became so weak that I could not even walk my first graders down the hallway to lunch. 

I went from doctor to doctor and was diagnosed with 7 different ailments.

I had fibromyalgia, graves disease, chronic fatigue, PTSD (from my husband’s car accident) ADD, and extreme anxiety and depression. The doctors put me on 17 different medications. 

I was falling apart and I knew I had to make a drastic change if I was ever going to come out of this alive.

I decided to move to Colorado - I always felt it was where my heart was. I needed to get my heart back again and I literally went on a quest to find it.

Moving to Colorado was the first whisper that I listened to.

I had a friend that told me to go see a holistic doctor and chiropractor and she gave me a gift certificate called “The Gift of Life” I was SO skeptical of doctors at this point, however, I could feel my heart whisper again to try it. I finally went and this is where I began to come back home. 

I learned life transforming tools that literally brought breath into my SOUL.

My panic attacks stopped and I could feel the POWER inside me. My body started to heal itself through its innate wisdom. After I was able to heal with these techniques, I became a facilitator because I wanted to help others do the same. 

During this time, I was also introduced to the power of superfoods from another naturopath.

This gave me endless energy, focus, and helped me align to my soul’s calling. 

I discovered other life changing tools in my 16 year journey and have combined them all into a curriculum that I teach.

I truly believe that when women come together they RISE and step into living fully alive.  I not only witnessed my own miracle, I now get to see countless miracles in my clients. What I hear most is…. 

“Thank you for getting ME back again.”

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